The Cranberries @ The Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2012

Last night was a night that I will never forget and honestly the night I can say was the best night of my life – for a life long dream finally came true. I SAW THE CRANBERRIES! (which is a little ironic, because before they were called The Cranberries, they were called The Cranberry Saw Us, but this time – I saw them!)

This is a music event that I have only ever dreamed about for years. My earliest memories of The Cranberries must have been when I was about 8 or 9 driving around in my Aunty’s red nissan with Everyone else is doing it, so why can’t we playing! I also remember being on holidays at Bawley Point with my aunty and grandparents and I kept bugging her to listen to those “cool cds” on her discman!

Over the years I spent hours listening to their music, promoting them to everyone I know to the point that when The Cranberries come on or someone mentions them, I come instantly to their minds. I have had many texts at all hours of the night – “Nikole! I’m at the club and they just played Zombie! Thought of you!” *nawwww*

I also acquired The Cranberries 1994 London concert on DVD (and VHS) and get totally mesmerised and taken to my own little world whenever I watch it. I would give my left leg to have been at that show! It was seeing Dolores’ performance at this show, that made me very nervous about seeing them at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney in 2012, 18 years after the awe-inspiring performance that I have only seen on the TV screen. I was worried that I had built up the dream so much in my head based around the London gig with so much pressure on the night being mindblowing, that I’d be left disappointed. Boy oh boy, did I worry for nothing!!!

As soon as my favourite irish lady took the stage with that alternative looking edge, the melody of Dreams started to play, and the crowd started to scream – a grin from ear to ear took over my face and I’m still waiting for it to leave! Dolores was still as cool as ever, with those quirky dance moves that I only in the privacy of my own bedroom have I tried unsuccessfully to copy! The sound was studio quality and the atmosphere was amazing- surrounded by fans who sang all the words and flailed their arms about with passion! (I really want to get a Sydney Cranberries Club going after last night!)

They played all the classics from all their albums – Zombie, Linger, Dreaming my Dreams, Salvation, Free to Decide, Ridiculous Thoughts, Just My Imagination, Animal Instinct, Promises, Ode To My Family, Can’t Be With You, When You’re Gone…, and I was stoked they played Daffodil Lament, my favourite Cranberries song… When she sang the line “I can’t sleep here!” a chill went down my spine!! I was also blown away by their new stuff and by Dolores singing Roses, a song off the new album dedicated to her father passing away in November last year. Its a pure and raw song, with all emphasis on the melancholy of her voice that silenced the crowd.


The only complaints I have is the fact that it had to end! I would have loved to hear them play their entire discography!

The night was topped off by meeting Dolores, getting a photo with her and her signing my ticket behind the back of the Enmore Theatre after the show. I am still pinching myself that actually happened! I had my arm around my musical idol! She was lovely- stopping for pictures with the small devoted crowd and signing away! It was 2am before my adrenalin calmed and let my body sleep I was so pumped from the night I had. A life long dream come true and in the most amazing of ways.


Dolores O’Riordan & The Cranberries – thank you for coming to Australia and performing a solo gig in Sydney! You have made this girl a very happy lady & I’ll carry memories of the night with me for the rest of my life. X



5 thoughts on “The Cranberries @ The Enmore Theatre, Sydney 2012

  1. Ah Nikki…im more than happy that you made it and i totally understand the high emotion and everything. Dolores is an angel for all of us and for all the magic that she puts in our re blessed that you met her and i hope you ll be always blessed! lots of love from the other side of the planet…still same emotions.

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